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2023 Wayne Winter Hiking Challenge

January 16th -March 13th

Hikers visited 6 of 8 parks to complete the challenge!

Annually soon after the turn of the new year, Local Roots likes to help promote movement and wellness for ourselves and our community through the Wayne Winter Hiking Challenge!

The Challenge came to a close on Mon. March 13th. Thank you so much to all those who participated! We saw 134 hikers out there for the challenge this year and loved hearing all about your adventures on our local trails.

Local Roots has always focused on being a health-centered anchor of this community. Diet is an essential part of the foundation for a happy, healthy and productive life, which is why we work to keep our food offerings simple: fresh, minimally processed, and made with ingredients everyone can understand. By our nature, we are always striving to take better care of our community, and that effort extends beyond selling you food.  We are a Co-Op.


You may remember that in February and March of 2021, we branched out our marketing efforts and took time to focus on our community's healthy options beyond Local Roots. One of these efforts was the Wayne Winter Hiking Challenge!

This challenge is a great way to get rewarded for staying active during the cold winter months!
Each year we put together a brochure listing 8 different parks in or near Wayne County.
In 2023 hikers visted 6 of the 8 parks between January 16th and March 13th, 2023 to receive a goodie bag featuring healthy snacks and prizes from local businesses. And this time around we are offered an additional reward! The Healthy Living Raffle! By completing the hiking series challengers were automatically entered into the drawing for a grand prize including a Local Roots Gift Basket, Yoga Mat, One Month pass to Flex Yoga, and more! On the back of the Hiking form were bonus activities, each bonus activity completed added an additional entry to the raffle.

We enjoyed the hikes you shared with us on social media with the tag #WayneWinterHiking so we could follow along! And every Thursday on social media we shared some snapshots of our hikes, highlighting one of each of the 8 parks every week. We loved hiking along with you!

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