2019-2020 Annual Report



of a farm, business, etc.) owned and run jointly by its members, with profits or benefits shared among them

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"Local Roots has always, somewhat, danced to the beat of its own drum, and 2020 certainly was not any different. While much of the world shut down and sheltered-in-place for the worldwide health crisis, Local Roots, designated “essential”, was able to keep its doors open to continue to service the community.  This contrast, where many were forced to contract while we were asked to expand, brought us through some of the most fortunate yet challenging times most organizations could ever face. Unsurprisingly, though, in those challenges, we saw our Co-Op unite. We saw our producers come fully stocked, prepared to feed the people with their best. We saw our staff hold steady, working to keep everyone safe. And, last but not least, we saw our customers, many of them brand new, double down on the belief that “supporting Local” is a value that truly does matter here in Wayne County. By most major metrics, Local Roots had a year for the record books, and we are prouder than ever of those accomplishments. We also know that this is just the beginning for us, that next year will be ripe with its own set of challenges, and that we, as a Co-Op, are excited to grow into that space. Most importantly, I just want to say thank you to everyone involved for making such a challenging year workable. They often say, “it takes a Community”, and this year, it certainly did. "


Adam Schwieterman

Local Roots Executive Director