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Swiss Chard

Board of Directors

Local Roots Market and Cafe is officially known as Wooster Local Foods Cooperative, Inc. A Board of co-op members are voted in by the membership for a 2 year terms to govern and oversee the health and well-being of the co-op. Any member in good standing with the co-op is eligible to vote or run in the election which takes place each November. 

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held monthly and are open to any member who would like to attend. At this time, Directors review co-op business, vote on important issues, and provide vital direction and advice to the Executive Director.

Current Directors
  • Beth Ladrach 

  • Matt Knight 

  • Doug Streeval 

  • Daniel Baker 

  • Tom Rumbaugh

  • Morgan Lang 

  • Rachel Relle

Members may contact any Board member personally or at

Thank you to our former Board Members!
  • Jennifer Hugon

  • Jennifer McMullen 

  • Jessica Eikleberry 

  • Jerrod Weyer

  • John Drouhard 

  • Marion & Joseph Yoder 

  • Tom & Barbara Yoder

  • Keith Speirs

  • Marlene Collins

  • Monica Bongue 

  • Dave Benchoff

  • Ellie Walsh

  • Margo Curl

  • Danya Morris 

  • Karen Potter 

  • Marlene & Bill Boyer 

  • Mike Jaeb

  • Debra Galaz 

  • Brett Kinsey 

  • Madhavi Vaidya

  • David Kelly

  • Monica Bongue-Bartelsman

  • Joie Schmitz

  • Amy Musser 

  • Betsy & John Anderson 

  • Tiffany Leeper 

  • Steve Finney 

  • Rob Stutzman 

  • Jamie Carlton

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