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Swiss Chard
Co-op Membership

Local Roots is a cooperative comprised of passionate citizens (just like YOU) who support local growers, makers, and creators. Our collective focus is on growing our vibrant community and thriving economy.

Everyone is welcome. Anyone can contribute. Members make our mission possible.

As a member:

  • You are an owner of Local Roots

  • You’ll have a voice in co-op initiatives that have a direct and positive impact on your community 

  • You’ll be investing in your neighbors and supporting small business dreams

  • You'll know exactly where your food comes from and can feel good about your conscious shopping 


Plus - you get perks!

  • Members receive 1% back on all purchases made in-store - These loyalty dollars are distributed to our member’s accounts once per quarter

  • Members have access to special discounts throughout the market

  • Members automatically enroll in our Café Club, which sustains local chefs and lets you experience creative and delicious meals each week

  • Members can run and/or vote in co-op elections

  • Members gain exclusive access to special pre-order items periodically


A $50 annual membership feeds market operations that in-turn help small or starting businesses grow. 

Ready to become a member? Here are a few options:

  1. Purchase a first-time annual membership or renew your annual membership through our online shop
  2. Call us at 330-263-5336 and we can sign you up over the phone.

  3. Print and fill out this Membership Agreement with $50 annual fee and mail it to us.

  4. Visit us in the market and sign up at the register.

Interested in selling with us as a producer?

View the revised bylaws here.

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