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Swiss Chard
Gluten-free Staples Subscription

Each week, you'll receive a curated selection of essential grocery items, all in alignment with the Local Roots mission. 

  • One dozen pasture raised local eggs.

  • Local Greens (varieties may include spinach, kale, and different lettuces).

  • One loaf of gluten-free bread from Charcoal Bakery (varieties may vary).

  • A surprise item: frozen fruit, veggie or canned item (during winter), or fresh produce item (other seasons).

At Local Roots, we believe in making life a bit easier for you. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our weekly affordable food subscription, aptly named 

The Staples: "used, needed, or enjoyed constantly by many individuals" – and that's exactly what we're offering!

$33 Weekly

for in-store signup and co-op members only

How to Pay

For Co-Op Members Only 

Space is limited in this subscription option, so we are limiting to co-op members only for the time being. Must sign up in store by visiting the check out counter or calling (330) 263-5336. Subscription rate will be charged automatically weekly to your credit or debit card.


Pick-Up will be every Friday afternoon until 6pm starting 5/31/24. *Please note Friday pick-up is encouraged to maximize freshness - but we will store your items in the cooler if Saturday morning works best for you.


Sign up anytime and cancel anytime with a 7-day notice by emailing

Important Details

Missing a Pick-Up?

  • You can plan for a friend or family member to pick up your share on the scheduled day.

  • No vacation pauses available, but consider selling, gifting, or donating your share to the Wooster Hope Center if you can't pick up (with 7 days notice).


  • Because the gluten-free bread is sourced from a single producer, there may be times it may be previously frozen for logistical reasons.

  • A note from Charcoal Bakery: When people ask me about contamination and safeness for true gluten allergies I tell them this: “The product is home produced and I prep and bake it with equipment that is only used for gluten free baking to make sure cross contamination doesn’t happen. My household mostly eats GF, however, we are not a 100% gluten free family so non GF products are brought into the house at times. Even though I feel confident in the GF purity of my bread I cannot take on the liability of guaranteeing it! 

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