Local Food Entrepreneurs
Are you ready to turn your good food idea into a business? Let us help!

The Commercial Processing Kitchen at Local Roots was opened in 2014 as the final piece of the original vision for the Local Roots Market and Café project. The Kitchen gives farmers and food entrepreneurs a place to process, preserve, and add value to products to start or expand an existing food business. The 2000 sq. ft. onsite facility houses the equipment and licensing needed to make food products for sale at Local Roots Markets…or around the country! Our staff is knowledgeable and hands-on and can help answer questions that any startup or small business will have.



Equipment available to make your favorite recipes for sale.  


Capture the harvest for off-season sale.


Walk-in cooler and freezer available.


Licensed so products can be sold at Local Roots or around the country.

Interested in learning more? 

Read more about the details of operations in the Kitchen Rules & Procedures (PDF).  

Those interested should download and fill out our Commercial Kitchen Interest Form (PDF), please send your completed form to info@localrootswooster.com. Our team is happy to work with you to help make your product ideas a reality.