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Swiss Chard

What Is Local?

There is a story behind everything we eat. Do you know where your food comes from? Do you want to know? Can you find out? If you shop at Local Roots, you can.

People define “local” in a lot of different ways; at Local Roots we say that it means grown, made or value-added in Ohio. But the spirit of “local” is more than just mileage. It is about being able to connect to the person, and the story, behind the end product. 


At Local Roots, we work directly with our community of growers, producers and artisans who sell to the customer on consignment. Products at Local Roots are identified by the producer… a tomato is not just a tomato. You can learn about the farm it came from, the growing practices used and the people who worked to bring it to you. In addition, we encourage value-added producers to purchase and use local ingredients in their recipes. 


That is what local is all about.


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