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Basil Leaves

Beginning Herbs with Susan Sivey

Sunday April 21st


at Wellspring Event Center

4470 W Old Lincoln Way in Wooster

$20 suggested donation

All proceeds will benefit our

Campaign for a New Building to Call Home

Sign Up in store or by calling

(330) 263-5336

Unlock the secrets of culinary herbs with our "Beginning Herbs" class, led by Master Gardener Volunteer Susan Sivey. Delve into the fascinating world of herbs as you learn to cultivate and utilize eight common culinary herbs, along with a selection of lesser-known varieties, to enhance your dishes and promote well-being.


In this engaging session, Susan draws upon her expertise as a Master Gardener Volunteer and four years of intensive herbal study to impart practical knowledge and hands-on techniques. From the fragrant allure of Rosemary to the delicate freshness of Cilantro, discover how these herbs can elevate the taste, nutritional value, and health benefits of your culinary creations.

Throughout the class, you'll not only explore the cultivation methods and harvesting tips for each herb but also gain insights into their medicinal properties* and culinary versatility. Additionally, Susan introduces a selection of herbs for teas, including Holy Basil, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, and Lavender, expanding your repertoire of herbal infusions for both pleasure and wellness. Each person will have the opportunity to take home a small herb from those discussed in the class.

Whether you're a novice gardener or a seasoned culinary enthusiast, "Beginning Herbs" offers a delightful journey into the world of herbalism, empowering you to harness the flavor, nutrition, and vitality of nature's bounty right in your own kitchen. Join us for this special class with Susan, where all proceeds will be generously donated to our Capital Campaign in partnership with FoodSphere, supporting our journey toward a new permanent home. Susan's kindness exemplifies the spirit of giving back, making this class not only a delightful experience but also a meaningful contribution to our community. While the suggested donation is $20, any additional support you can offer is deeply appreciated.

Each participant will receive 1 herb of those discussed in the class. 

*We do not provide medical advice on the use of herbs. Please consult your healthcare professional for inquiries or concerns.


A note about your instructor, Master Gardener Susan Sivey

Susan's personal experience extends beyond the classroom, as she tends to her own farm garden west of Shreve, Ohio, cultivating an array of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Her deep-rooted passion for herbalism and sustainable gardening infuses each lesson with authenticity and inspiration.

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