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July : Attention Summer Locavores

Local Roots has a mission. Our goal is not to simply provide a marketplace for local produce, but to offer every single person in our community a chance to contribute to a greater cause. In the last few years, we have learned how valuable a strong local food economy is. We have all felt the gripping insecurity that is dependency. What stands for Independence more than a thriving local food community? What better way to increase this independence than to eat seasonally!

When you shop local and eat seasonally you are:

  • Helping to reduce our carbon footprint: (Less automotive pollution from global transportation, less packaging and materials waste).

  • Minimizing your intake of chemicals and helping to mitigate the use of pesticides and harmful stabilizing agents used for long-distance transportation of produce.

  • Strengthening your local food economy

  • Supporting small farmers

  • Receiving the maximal nutritional value from locally harvested food.

  • Supporting consistent community engagement

  • Boosting social capital

  • Generating awareness of current food, land, water, and air issues.

  • Influencing a future generation of Locavores!

Seasonality leads us not just to fresher, less travel-weary produce, but also to better tasting varieties of our own home-grown favorites. Despite the overwhelming trend of globalization and industrialization of food, there are warrior producers in this county who are dedicated to the art of small farming. These producers cultivate the best varieties of seasonal produce - fruit and vegetables that have not been genetically improved for the sake of shelf-life, nor inoculated for long distance travel. Such committed individuals are the guardians of the vital taste and texture of produce that allows us, by turn, to be independent in our own taste- our safeguard against bland homogeneity. If we do not use them, we will lose them.

This Independence Day, as we leap into the heat and abundance of summer, let’s feed ourselves well. Let us gather confidently, support our local farmers, and continue to make big changes in our community. Everything you need for your Fourth of July celebrations can be found at Local Roots. Stop by the marketplace to see our overflowing selection of fresh produce, local meats, confectionaries, craft beer, and much more to make this July Fourth memorable.

Foods featured in July dinner photos were sourced from the following local producers: Adonai Acres, Autumn Harvest Farm, Drift Hills Farm, Hartzler Family Dairy, JAFB Wooster Brewery, Little Forest Farm, Tea Hills Farm and Weavers Truck Patch

Writing & photography by Andrew Mackie of Local Roots & Little Forest Farm

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