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2020-2021 Annual Report

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"As we move into a new fiscal year at the co-op, ripe with opportunity, I think it’s prudent to note the great strides we made in the past year to get to where we are now. By most standard metrics, no doubt, last year was one we can all be quite proud of: top line sales were up a whopping 84%, our membership base grew by 20%, and our local food producers sold more through us than ever before: over $1,000,000 for the first time!


In addition to those notable accomplishments, there are many social and cultural changes that are taking hold here which are equally as important to the health and well being of our co-op. Local Roots, after all, has always been focused on “cultivating community,” and as the co-op continues to grow and evolve, we are continually striving to take you, our community, along with us.


The growth we experienced in our market this past year was both intentional and necessary, grown organically out of the bounty of fresh food and unique art that is being cultivated in our corner of the world, and encouraged by an amazing network of members who consistently show up to demonstrate their support of “local.” To optimize that growth, we brought on extra staff, which increased our bandwidth for operations, procuring new products, diversifying our messaging, and providing more responsive customer service. We also extended our store hours to include Sundays and introduced new promotional clubs: CSF, Beer Club, and Body Care Boxes. All of this, we believe, upholds our core purpose of doing business: to help our local food producers thrive! In many ways, the co-op is truly flourishing.


What has always been clear to so many of us, is that Local Roots has an important mission in this community. The last year has given us revitalized hope that there is both room and demand in the local food economy for us to expand. Currently, our market sales floor is almost at capacity, our kitchens are nearly full, and both our producers and consumers are giving us the signal that they are ready for more. With that in mind, we are excited to say we can do more, and look forward to your continuing support in the year ahead!"


Adam Schwieterman

Local Roots Executive Director

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