2022 Wooster Healthy Living Campaign

Winter Hike Challenge

In 2022 we expanded the Winter Hike Challenge to feature more local trail systems. Emily Speelman with The Friends of Wooster Memorial Park graciously put together a challenge pamphlet for the event, including a list of 8 local parks and trail systems. Participants were challenged to visit 6 out of the 8 before March 30th, fill out the form in the pamphlet, and turn it in to Local Roots to receive a goodie bag with healthy snacks and discounts to partnering organizations. See some of the participants' posts by following #WayneWinterHiking on social media! Click the button below to learn more about the Healthy Living Campaign and view/download the hiking brochure online!

Wooster Healthy Living Campaign
February & March
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Local Roots has always focused on being a health-centered anchor of this community. Diet is an essential part of the foundation for a happy, healthy and productive life, which is why we work to keep our food offerings simple: fresh, minimally processed, and made with ingredients everyone can understand.  Food can truly nurture us, and because of that we have always taken great pride in connecting our customers with nutritious, high quality products.  By our nature, we are always striving to take better care of our community, and that effort extends beyond selling you food.  We are a Co-Op.