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Ways to Save

Shopping local and your budget...

We know that whatever your grocery and goods shopping routine, shopping on a budget can be a challenge. We wanted to create a place were customers could see what resources and deals they can tap into, get a little bit more insight into our pricing model, and tap into creative ways to save at Local Roots and beyond. Scroll below to see what's in store...


About Our Pricing

Local Roots is home to over 300 local producers who grow, cook, make, and create a variety of goods for our community to consume and enjoy. We prioritize small-scale farmers, artists, chefs and businesses by offering shelf space without contracts, allowing the producer to independently set their prices, production plans, and delivery schedules. This gives the producer freedom to create their own pricing structures that fit within their individual business model and assure a competitive profit for them. Local Roots' commission is much smaller than other conventional grocery or merchandise stores. Maintaining this model for our producers is an important part of our co-op's mission. We are a producer AND consumer co-op, so our producers are equal members to our consumers, a model unique to many co-ops in the U.S. We do offer some value-added products in the our store in addition to our producers' goods, but choose each item carefully to compliment and support their products. These items are priced often at a standard MRSP and profits go directly back into the co-op.

Member Savings

You do not have to be a co-op member to shop at Local Roots. We do, however, offer some specialty perks that our members can take advantage of to save in the market - Member Discounts and Loyalty Dollars. While our co-op membership is $50 a year, many find they save more than this in a year's time through discounts and loyalty dollars resulting in greater savings.

MEMBER DISCOUNTS We offer both weekly and specialty discounts to our co-op members. Every Monday in our weekly email newsletter, in the market, and on social media we post our member specials for the week. This ranges from 4-6 items or brands that are discounted for co-op members. Additionally members often receive a discount on things like specialty classes or events.

LOYALTY DOLLARS Co-op members receive 1% back on all purchases made in-store. These loyalty dollars are distributed to our members' accounts once per quarter as dollars that can be used on any items they choose in store.

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Food Assistance Programs

We have two types of food assistance programs that customers participate in at Local Roots, SNAP/EBT & Produce Perks. 

SNAP/EBT - We accept SNAP/EBT at Local Roots. SNAP provides food benefits to low-income families to supplement their grocery budget so they can afford the nutritious food essential to health and well-being. If you would like to learn more about the program Click Here.

PRODUCE PERKS - Local Roots has collaborated with the non-profit Produce Perks to offer Fruit & Veggie coupon booklets for qualifying families. These booklets contain $140 worth of $5 coupons that can be used for fruit and vegetables at checkout. Produce Perks works to improve the health of under-served communities by increasing affordable access to healthy food. You can learn more about the non-profit by visiting their website at: For more details and to check eligibility for this program, visit us at our checkout counter or email

Priced Down Items

Keep an eye out to our shelves for periodic discounts for all shoppers, members and non-members alike. A good place to look for these discounts in particular is our to-go food cooler. To keep our grab-and-go meal and food cooler moving and fresh you can often find a few special deals within.

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Ways to Save - Ideas, Tips & Tricks

There are so many ways to find good deals at Local Roots and the grocery store, and to save money by decreasing waste! (Better for the planet and your pocket book!) Soon we will be starting a series of videos and blogs to help you save at the grocery store. Keep an eye out here for updates soon!

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