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Honey Jars

Acid & Honey Oxymel Workshop

Sunday June 2nd


at the Local Roots Commercial Kitchen with Grace Jones

140 South Walnut St. Wooster, OH

$85 for co-op members

$95 for non-members

Sign Up in store or by calling

(330) 263-5336


Capture the seasons with oxymels (vinegar, honey, herbs and fruit). You’ll learn about the history, how to make them and how to use them in your everyday lives during this 1.5 hour workshop.

Workshop includes:

  • Hands on instruction and demonstrations

  • A high quality printed booklet with all the info shared during the class, but also more herbal info, resources, recipes and formulation ideas.

  • Create your very own 12 oz. Oxymel to take home

  • A mocktail using Grace’s very own oxymel

Featuring local strawberries from New Moreland Farms

(weather dependent) and local honey.

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A note from your instructor, Grace Jones

After dodging the sun and soil for ages, Grace finally heeded the cosmic whispers in 2017, leading her on a journey of self-discovery and healing. After a long bout with an illness, she found solace in the enchanted world of plants, reviving her spirit and sparking a newfound zest for life. With this new lease on life, she embarked on a green-fingered adventure, diving deep into the universe of medicinal flora. 

In 2019, after jumping feet first into the vast teachings of The Herbal Academy, Grace's love for herbalism bloomed like a wildflower. Within moments of learning about her first plant (tulsi), a deep knowing and feeling of being “at home” awoke within, lighting a fire that has yet to be extinguished. But Graces's heart dances in many realms, from crafting nature-inspired art to penning tales of dragons for the younglings. Her life is a vibrant mosaic of interests sprawling across her kitchen table, a spirit entwined with countless callings and obsessions.


Now liberated from the digital dungeon of her old job, Grace explores the wild wonders of nature, nurturing her leafy kin, dancing to the plant orchestra, and spending time with her human sidekick, fluffy felines, and a mysterious white rabbit with a story that will have to be told another time… 

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